Bi-Rotary Units

With over 15 years of experience, Hiteco has produced more than 1,500 units for woodworking and its derivatives, plastics and aluminum. The Hiteco operating units are used for production of furniture, doors, roofs and wooden walls as well as in other sectors such as railways, automotive and aerospace.

The units are made in advantageous configuration with 5th rotary axis tilted or in the traditional configuration with horizontal 5th rotary axis, in both cases with or without brakes stiffening static 4th and 5th axis.

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Tilt H Series (90°)

10 kW @ 7500 rpm; Vmax 24000 rpm;tool interface HSK 63F 15 -18 kW @ 12000 rpm;Vmax 24000 rpm;tool interface HSK 63F 20 kW @ 10000 rpm (synchronous technology);Vmax 24000 rpm;tool interface HSK 63A/E

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