Hiteco at Holz-Handwerk

March 15, 2018

Hiteco continues its unrelenting growth and launches in Nueremberg a new range of spindles

HALL 11.0 – BOOTH 316

High performance and reliability, extreme ease of application, flexibility and compactness. These are the strengths that drive the unrelenting growth of Hiteco, world leader in the design and manufacture of high-tech components for CNC machinery to process wood, light metal alloys, plastics and composite materials.

In the last years Hiteco has experienced a rapid growth, up to 40% in turnover, also confirmed for the entire three-year period 2018-2020. An upward trend that, "makes Hiteco the world’s second largest manufacturer of electrospindles and bi-rotary heads", as underlined by Davide De Vecchi, Profit Unit Manager. De Vecchi adds “this is the result of the production of high quality technological solutions, which are constantly developed to meet the different needs of the customer. An unparalleled range of products on the market in term of performance and extent of product offer ".

Excellent features that the market seems to appreciate: in recent years, in fact, Hiteco has further strengthened its leadership in Europe, Asia and in North America, where Hiteco has a direct presence on the market.

At Holz-Handwerk (Nuremberg, March 21-24) Hiteco launches its new PX series of spindles, bi-rotary heads and drill units. The new series of Hiteco spindles can reach powers up to 20 kW with synchronous motor, which are dedicated not only to woodworking technologies, but, according to the strategy adopted by Hiteco in recent years, it is also extended to the processing of other materials, such as light alloys, plastics and composites. A range of products that stands out in the market for its excellent quality with direct and tangible benefits for the customers.

The new Hiteco drill units are announced as the first in the world to have a “for life” lubrication. These are modular items that, thanks to their innovative lubrication system, can guarantee unique performances and work up to 8000 rpm speed without any need for maintenance.

Reliability, easy use, modularity, compactness and high performances are the added values of Hiteco products which the professional audience at Holz-Handwek show will be able to check in a very simple and “smart” way, thanks to two state-of-the art equipments: an interactive application to check all the spindle functionality in different work situations and a 5-axis head which visitors can easily run by means of two potentiometer-controls.

These are new items that go well with Hiteco's ability to open a window on the future of innovation,

not only for products, but for the unique relationship with the customer, too.

In terms of technological innovation, all Hiteco products stand out for the high use of sensors, in line with the new extraordinary potentials of 4.0 industry, and for the great attention to the electricity consumption of the machines. More generally, Hiteco's research and development activities remains a mission and its flagship since years. Hiteco is a very young brand, but has solid roots dated back to 1977; a tradition with which Hiteco has reached an impressive number of technological results. A successful history that continues nowadays.